What is Goshinjo Therapy?

Goshinjo Therapy is a treatment that removes electromagnetic energy that interferes with the body’s functions called “JAKI(evil energy)” by rubbing or pushing the entire body with a special pure gold rod (goshinjo), focusing on the area where there is pain or other discomfort.

The circulation of ch’i throughout the body (flow of electrical signals) is regulated, and the original functions of the body and mind are restored.

The human body is driven by electrical signals that are actively exchanged between the brain and cells, but when the transmission of signals is interfered with by electromagnetic waves or stress, excessive electrical energy accumulates and becomes “JAKI(evil energy)”.

This is similar to the situation where sewage pipes become clogged with dirt, making it impossible for sewage to flow, and the sewage overflows and becomes dirty.

It would be easier to understand if you think of the overflowing dirt as symptoms of “physical and mental illness” and “disease.

When the sewer pipe is cleaned by Goshinjo Therapy and the sewage is drained out, the overflowing dirt will disappear.

Pure gold, the material used to make goshinjo, has been prized since ancient times by royalty, aristocrats, and other people of high status as a medicine that preserves youth, beauty, and health.

Recent research has also shown that pure gold has the property of regulating the arrangement of disordered water molecules.
When water, which makes up 60-70% of the human body, is in good condition, the body will naturally be in good condition.

When I was pregnant, I had severe morning sickness and went to the hospital, but it didn’t get better and I was just cring down.
When I received the Goshinjo therapy, I was very surprised to see that it was cured in just one session.

When I became an aromatherapist a few years later, I wanted to learn more effective techniques that would produce better results, so I went to the KIHODO Headquarters for training and received certification as a Goshinjo therapist from the developer, Master Kida.
In the 20 years since then, many people have received my Goshinjo therapy, and I have had many miraculous experiences.

Recommended for morning sickness, covid-19 aftereffects, atopy, cancer, ALS, tendonitis, migraine, chronic stiff shoulders, chronic fatigue, back pain, other body pains, and those who are not sure but have a heavy body.

Please use it for regular body maintenance to maintain good health, or to improve the performance of athletes, dancers, singers, etc.

Goshinjo therapy is a therapy that restores and normalizes the life energy field in the human body(Ultimate Earthing Therapy).

Our body has inborn features that life phenomenon – i.e. electrical and chemical phenomena – occurs correctly if the life energy field is correct.

Because of this, Goshinjo therapy can be effective in the treatment of various illnesses such as pain, allergies, cancer,Parkinson’s disease, ALS(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), electromagnetic hypersensitivity and other incurable diseases.

Three Major Incurable Diseases

Diseases believed to be incurable with modern medicine include severe decompensated cirrhosis, dilated cardiomyopathy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 
The Goshinjo Therapy has completely healed these three major diseases.
Dr. Gen Matsumoto (brain scientist, former chair of the Biophysical Society of Japan) stated, “Studies in the Goshinjo Therapy will change the paradigm of science. Enhancing this therapy through scientific elucidation to make it useful to the well-being of all humanity would be the responsibility of Japan to the whole world.” We have obtained treatment outcomes that may help us further approach the ideal world epitomized in this statement.

”Clarifying the nature of diseases through the world of qI, making all people great doctors!”

Founder and Head Executive Japan Kihodo Association Kisho Kida


 For more information, please visit the Goshinjo Therapy Headquarters KIHODO website.


Anonymous (30s, female, housewife) Morning Sickness I was able to eat a small amount of dinner on the day of treatment without vomiting. The next day, I had some stomach problems, but I was not nauseous and my whole body felt much better than before the treatment. I am very surprised that my nausea is gone and my whole body is much easier than before the treatment. I am so glad that I had the chance to meet the doctor, and I am so happy that I was lucky enough to meet him! I wish I had had your help with my first and second pregnancies. I wish I had had the same help with my first and second pregnancies, but I feel quite lucky to have had it this time. I am really happy that I don’t have to throw up because it is easier on my body than anything else! I am also grateful to the doctor for listening to me during the treatment because I told him what was on my mind! I am sorry for the noise and disturbance of the children in the room. I would definitely like to receive your treatment again! Thank you very much!

Mr. N.T. (Male in his 30s) Wifes Morning sickness I have been treated for my wife’s severe morning sickness. She could not eat at all, and I tried everything I could as an acupuncturist, but there was no improvement, and I was very frustrated. When my wife got up after the Goshinjo treatment, her complexion and facial expression were completely different from before she received the treatment, so I knew she was better. I went out to eat immediately afterward and saw my wife eating takikomi-gohan (rice cooked in a pot) with great relish. I was very surprised to see her body suddenly become capable of digesting such a dish after not being able to eat at all for several days! I was very surprised. If you are at all interested, you should definitely take the test.

Ms. W.H. (30s female) Morning sickness I had morning sickness. I couldn’t wake up, sleep, or sit up without feeling sick, and I felt depressed and every day was hell. I thought that I should never have gotten pregnant if it was this hard, and I blamed myself and cried because it was bad for the baby in my stomach. I found out about goshinjo-herapy and thought that rubbing myself with a gold stick sounded suspiciously like a religion, but I was in too much pain, so I took it as a no-brainer. I was so hungry right after the treatment that I ate some bread that I had at home and it tasted really good. I was able to drink a lot of water and go shopping for the first time in a while! Oh, my God! I couldn’t believe it! After that, I thought, “If I get sick, I have goshinjo!” I felt relieved and did not feel depressed anymore. Sometimes my stomach feels a bit queasy, but I don’t feel so bad that I want to throw up, and I am looking forward to the birth of my baby. If I get morning sickness again with my second child, I will ask for your help. Thank you very much for your great therapy.

Ms. N.M. (30s female) Morning sickness My morning sickness was so bad that I could not eat at all and it was hard for me to drink water, so I was hospitalized and spent my days fighting nausea while receiving intravenous drips. After about a week, I was given permission from the hospital to stay out overnight and returned home, but the nausea didn’t stop and I felt sick. As soon as I received the goshinsho therapy, I thought, “Hey, maybe I can eat.” I thought. I had been despairing that I would never be able to eat again in my life, but that night I was able to eat rice and French fries normally without vomiting! I was able to eat again the next day without vomiting, and after another goshinjo therapy, I was able to go out normally and was able to leave the hospital without any problems. The nurses and my friends were very very surprised what in the world happened to me that you suddenly got well? I am so happy that I am back to my daily life with my husband and older child. Thank you very much.

Shu (40s, male, company employee) Leg pain I have been running every day for about 3 years, but recently my left hip and knee suddenly started to hurt. I tried reducing the number of times I run and went to an acupuncture and moxibustion clinic, but there was no particular change. I found out about Goshinjo Therapy on the Internet and tried it, and the next day I noticed that the pain had disappeared. I can even run at the moment. It is a wonder. Anonymous (50s female) Unexplained lethargy When I was receiving Goshinjyo, there were places where it hurt to be rubbed and places where it felt good. I was told that “the places where evil spirits are piling up hurt,” but it was kind of strange. As the doctor rubbed my body, my legs felt lighter and lighter. When I left after the treatment, my body felt light as if there were wings on my back, my head and eyes were clear, and the world looked very bright. I went to the hospital because I was depressed and my body felt so dull, but they couldn’t find the cause of my depression, so I went to Goshinjyo. I was so surprised. I will come back again.

Anonymous (40s female) Panic Syndrome I cannot take the train because of my illness, so I am very grateful that they can come to my house. When I receive Goshinjo Therapy, my head and body feel very refreshed and my mind becomes lighter, so I am in good shape. I also enjoy talking with Ms. Ito and look forward to her visits. Thank you for everything. Anonymous (50s female) Bedridden elderly person I wanted my mother, who is bedridden, to receive goshinjo therapy, and I looked around for someone who could do it, but I couldn’t find anyone who would travel to my house. Finaly, I could fined Ito san! After she received the goshinjo therapy, my mother’s body aches are gone and her face calm becomes every time. I am very grateful to you for coming. I also look forward to hearing your stories and seeing you. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.


Goshinjo Therapy(about 90min)15,000yen

GoshinjoTherapy at your home, hotels and hospitals in Japan.

We will charge for transportation from Nakano station in Tokyo and lodging for those who live far away.


If you want to receve the Goshinjo therapy at your own country, let me know. Let’s discuss the price.

Then I can visit you.


Hiromi Ito

Three daughters, four grandchildren.

Has been working as a therapist since 2002.

Has studied a lot of therapies such as Goshinsho therapy, aromatherapy, psychological counseling, energy therapy, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, etc. in order to provide treatment.